Our Workshop

Welcome to our shop! This is the hidden back of the store that people seldom see, but ask about! Sometimes people think the work is done with a "few simple tools." This is not the case. Major investments in education, experience, and machinery are required, We have an 800 book in the shop Horological(Clock & Watch) library in the shop and we belong to many trade organizations. The skill of the clock and watchmaker develops over many years. We learn something new everyday! Also since clock repair is not an 8 hour a day job a few pictures of our home workshop is included,   where we work on our own projects. Our wanted section for things that we will buy from you. Feel free to have a look around our shop.

Tools and Machines We Use

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Dyna 2400 CNC Mill.

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The microscope video camera.


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A copy milling machine for manufacturing of small parts and engraving.


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An assortment of tools for clock and watchmakers.


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In center the center a optical comparator to measure in ten thousands of an inch.


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A Schaublin 102 dividing head.


More Photos

Other Tools We Use

Lathes and Milling Machines


Wheel Cutting Engines

Tools or Machines Wanted

We are constantly searching constantly for the following items for sale:

  • Watch,Clock & Tool Catalogs
  • Horological Books & Libraries
  • Watch & Clockmaker's Trading Cards
  • Antique Horological Tools
  • Fine Well Equipped Lathes
  • Modern Swiss Horological Machinery
  • Antique Wheel Cutting & Fusee Engines
  • Escapement Models
  • Rare & Interesting Antique Clocks
  • Complete Horological Workshops

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